Investigating Traumatic Injuries to Occupants Involved in Rollover Crashes Who Were Admitted to a Community Hospital


1 Department of Forensic Medicine, Sabzevar University of Medical Science, Sabzevar, Iran

2 Department of Emergency Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran

3 Razavi Cancer Research Center, Razavi Hospital, Imam Reza International University, Mashhad, Iran


Background: Traumas, especially the ones caused by motor vehicle crashes in developing countries are leading causes of death.
Objectives: This study intends to examine traumatic injuries in occupants involved in roll-over crash over a year in a state-run community hospital.
Methods: The trauma pattern of 143 patients injured in traffic accidents, who were admitted to a community hospital, was investigated and reported for three months in a year. Results: Upper extremity fractures were more common than that of lower extremity and fractures in the lumbar spine was more prevalent than thoracic fractures. Also, chest injuries were more common than abdominal injuries and serious head and face injuries along with brain damage were observed in approximately 9.9% of occupants. 1.41% of reported deaths were caused by rollover of motor vehicles.
Conclusion: This study stressed the importance of taking initial measures and appropriate diagnostic procedures based on the proposed pattern for proper treatment and saving the lives of patients. Moreover, the promotion of the so-called culture of driving well and compliance with traffic rules along with utilization of enhanced equipment in vehicles can help reduce accidents.


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