Comparison of Spiritual-Positive Psychological Characteristics in Individuals with and without Migraine

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M.A Graduated in Department of General Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Payam Noor University of Garmsar, Garmsar, Iran E-mail:



Background: Migraine is a common disabling type of a headache, which has a relationship with temporary changes in the diameter of blood vessels. Objectives: The present study aimed to compare positive psychological characteristics in individuals with and without a migraine. Material and Method: The method of the present research was causal-comparative (ex-post facto), using parallel samples. The statistical population of this research consisted of all the individuals with a migraine in Tehran who had visited Tehran's city health center (2016), out of whom 60 individuals were selected based on entrance-exit criteria and semi-structured interviews, using a convenience sampling method; and 60 individuals without a migraine were put together with them. The spiritual intelligence questionnaires, life meaning, meta-personal self-construct and life satisfaction questionnaires were used in order to collect data. In addition, the items related to demographic data were completed. Results: The results of data analysis, using SPSS20 software, showed that spiritual intelligence, life meaning, meta-personal self-construct, and life satisfaction significantly exist in those with lower migraine (P