Developing and Standardizing Marital Instability Measurement Test for Couples

Document Type : Original Article


MSc Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar branch, Garmsar, Iran



Abstract Background: Divorce is the most common manifestation of severe conflict, and over half of the couples who seek advice will finally get divorced. Objectives: The present study aimed at developing and standardizing Marital Instability Measurement test for couples. Material and Methods: This is a developmental – psychometric research and accordingly, using theoretical bases and the existing literature, a questionnaire consisted of 6 components and 21 items was prepared and confirmed by the experts in the field. Statistical population of the current study included couples with marital instability in Tehran, who attended the Police Counseling Center. 400 people answered the research questionnaire. After excluding incomplete questionnaires, 320 questionnaires were analyzed by convenience sampling method. Results: After collecting data and inserting them into the software, firstly explanatory factor analysis was conducted on the obtained data and then the extracted items for the studied components were confirmed through Confirmatory Factor Analysis test. Conclusion: Accordingly, we can say that the research questionnaire has good validity and reliability and can be used by other researchers in future works. Developing, Standardization, Marital, Instability, Measurement, Couples