Shift Work Effect on the Number of Sick Leave among Steel Industry Staffs: A Large Cross-Sectional Study


1 Biostatistics MSC student, Biostatistics Department, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

2 Department of Biostatistics, Faculty of Medicine, TarbiatModares University, Ale-Ahmad Highway, Tehran, Iran.

3 Physician of search disease, Worksite Follow-Up Unit, Occupational Health Center, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Esfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran.


Background: Sick leave is one of the important areas inHealth Professional. Since various unknown factors may be result in sick leave, shift work can be considered as one of the effective factors on the number of sick leave in occupational Medicine. Objectives: This study aimed to consider the effect of shift work on the number of sick leave among steel industry staffs. Methods: This cross-sectional study is carried out on Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company (EMSC) staffs in 2016 using census sampling method. Results: A total number of 21168 staffs with mean age of 39.96years were entered in this study. 14248 staffs (67.3%) were shift workers. Our results revealed that shift working is significantly correlated with cardiovascular diseases (OR=1.891; p